Mobile phones have become the nearest companion to today’s human world. And what made this happen – the availability of innumerable Apps!

According to statistics, there were near 204 billion mobile app downloads in the year 2019. This number is not very surprising, considering the number of smartphones in the market.

Consequently, you will find various mobile app developers for hire. However, choosing the most efficient custom mobile app development company can make a difference.

You must have already had an outlook on app development. Then, the first question in your mind will be – How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mobile App?

Typically, lower price but the higher quality are the keys you look in for a while hiring an app developer. We, at IBL, know this very well. Because technology has made us experts in website development and mobile app development. Perhaps, it has driven individuals, start-ups, and organizations all over the world.

There are several cost calculators for cost estimations. But it cannot be a simple process to determine a custom mobile app development cost. It is very subjective as it depends upon a variety of factors. Let’s take a look at some of those.

Factors influencing Cost of App Development

 A few aspects that you will have to look at are:

  • Project type (Health care, e-commerce, on-demand delivery, etc.)

  • App development team

  • Technical and design complexity

  • Platforms like iOS and Android

  • In-app purchases

  • Back-end development

  • Supported devices and software

  • A publishing process

We will look at each of these features in detail.

Project type

On one hand, you need to have an excellent idea for a product or service. On the other hand, you need to make it accessible to mobile users. The product would be disappointing if both the hands are not well balanced.

Depending on the type of app required, the cost varies. The price depends upon the complexity of the design.

App Development Team

The app development team can be a small or extended group following the app requirements. We have the best one that offers the most satisfactory mobile apps development service. The team mainly includes a business analyst, one or more developers, and a project manager. In addition to these professionals, it should have a Ui/UX designer, quality assurance specialist, and a solution architect.

We are a mobile app company that best deals with each factor.

Technical Design Complexity

An app’s complexity defines the amount of time to be spent on it. Thus, the design complexity also gives out the cost involved. To add to that, it includes features, sophisticated algorithms, and technical complexity. This leads to additional development in time and increases the cost too.

Simple app design mainly consists of standard and platform-specific elements. Indeed, those web app development services are relatively easy and do not take much of your valuable time during the application process. The animations and custom elements increase the design cost.

Platforms – iOS/Android

How costly is it for a cross platform mobile app development?

Well, the platform choice influences the cost of mobile app development. The best way to develop a mobile app is to follow a One-Step Approach. That is to say, a robust, successful journey begins with a simple yet firm step–the primary factor in choosing a platform. You may take up iOS application development. Contrarily, you can choose Android app development for services. Yet, you can reach out to your audience with cross-platform.

If you wish to have the app on only one platform, then the cost does not make much of a difference. We take pride in being the best iOS app development company. As a result, we could say that Android running devices are more significant in number compared to iOS. However, if you want to build the app on both, then be ready to spend more.

In-app purchases

It is quite obvious that you will wish to include as many payment options as available. That will help to maximize help to potential customers. Actually, that is a good reach out. But you should be ready to pay extra for each additional payment to be incorporated–for example, Google pay, Apple pay, PayPal, Stripe, etc.

Back-end development

You may wish to have an application to be used on a large scale. Because you need to hire mobile application developers for the best support. That crowd will transfer a considerable amount of data in real-time. Also, they will want their data to be in sync with any platform they choose. To add to that, they would even want them stored on the cloud. In that case, you will need tough backend support. Consequently, it should withstand a massive load and work efficiently.

In turn, this will lead to spend and build a multifaceted app design. Moreover, you will require numerous programming languages to create your app’s backend.

As a result, you will need to pay for a more diverse team of professionals. Don’t worry, we are known as one of the best application development companies. We can do it for you.

Supporting software and devices

An iOS app should preferably be attuned to all versions of iPhones. Having 3 potential users is better than having 1 to choose as a platform. As mentioned earlier, more number of devices use Android apps.

Branded as one of the best iOS app development companies, here are three factors that we may suggest to influence your decision:

  • The size of the market share for each Android device manufacturer

  • Devices popular on the market for which app is being developed

  • Your preference

Meanwhile, these considerations also apply to Android app development services. More devices will mean a lot of time utilized to make the application have responsive design. More importantly, it will even include complex hardware specifications and resolutions. In other words, it will mean more time spent testing.

The cost of developing the app is almost the same. No matter which Android device you choose to do so.

Publishing process

It can be observed cross platform mobile development for apps differs a lot. As a result, iOS apps are faster and cheaper to design. However, once the app is developed, it has to be launched on the app store. You don’t have to look at the platform, though. So, the app hits the market users across the world. Then, this adds a little to the costs.

You will find a number of great app developers. However, not any of them would be as superior as we are.

With our years and years of experience, we are sure to offer you what you want.

We take pride in being the best mobile apps development company.

Estimation of Cost of Mobile App Development

Let’s see how you can take it ahead to estimate your cost.

  • Firstly, you contact our development team and discuss your ideas on the app with them. We allow you to hire dedicated mobile developers from our team. Next, you explain to them the mission, vision, and purpose of the development.

  • Secondly, our team processes the data with your needs for the app. Then, they perform some fundamental business analysis. They also consider your product specifications and features to offer a top-notch solution.

  • Thirdly, the analysis result goes to the solution architect. He is the one who gives you step-by-step feedback. Thereafter, he gives suggestions on the app structure and feasible user cases. Also, the architect helps to build ideas on the technical implementation of the app.

  • Fourthly, the team presents its feedback, gets clarifications, and elicits more requirements. They discuss the scope of work during this meeting. As a result, they can prepare an ideal project offer. We do some software quality testing if needed.

  • Fifthly, we call for a pre-planning meeting when the project offer is presented. And this usually includes hours of work, a technology stack, and an application architecture approach. Besides, it involves a set of product features for the initial and subsequent releases.

  • Finally, we discuss and find the best possible solution for your business.

Once the rough estimate gets approved, our team proceeds with a detailed estimate. For this, we identify and plan the requirements for each working stage. Likewise, we make wireframes to show you what exactly your iOS or Android app will look like. And our team prepares project-related documentation.

We offer you a range of the best mobile app development services. That means we help you cover all the services related to each of your needs.

After a number of repeated cycles of changes, we bring the best product for you to top the market.

Our best mobile apps development company team is well versed with your application needs. So, we give higher chances of the app development cost. And the estimate is as precise as it should be.

Now that you know what it takes to develop a mobile app, contact us at IBL to book an appointment today!

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Hence, it is best to hire web development services and have them all up-to-date.

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