The website is the identity of a company. A study reveals that 81% of the people explore a service or business before coming to a purchase decision. That’s near to 26 million people checking out the business online.

The website is the identity of a company. A study reveals that 81% of the people explore a service or business before coming to a purchase decision. That’s near to 26 million people checking out the business online.

Check out why you should hire a professional website development company and not try the DIY version.

1. Better Design

Does the design of a website really matter? Why should you take the design of the website seriously? Have a look at these two ecommerce website designs.

You did not even take a second to form the most decisive opinion. You will definitely click on the second image because it has a better design.

A poorly designed webpage does not provide an optimal user experience. Customers can judge you how they will be treated by your web design and development. If your website is modern and bright, they will feel welcomed.

Multiple search results pop up for any given search query. In these million searches, you need visitors to get converted directly at your landing page without exploring the whole website.

Design is not confined to the website’s aesthetic look; it includes various other factors such as strong backend services, fast loading time, strategically placed call-to-action buttons, security, navigation, color scheme, typography and many more.

38% of the people would feel disengaged if the website is not user friendly.

You can hire a WordPress development company because it is skilled in building even the most uncomplicated design in the best possible way. It has the expertise to not let the buyers go to your competitors.

2. Time and Cost-Efficient

Many business owners think that they can handle the daunting task of developing and maintaining their website. However, they do not realize the efforts and the time to create even one page.

Having a reliable website is essential.

It is not recommended to have a good cover and sell a bad book. Each page is independent and so is its significance.

Not only the development but also its maintenance takes ages. Suppose you have an ecommerce website. You may wish to tweak the landing page for each festival, offer discounted prices, or change the content. If you have a dedicated website designer, he can do it for you while you concentrate on scaling up your business.

3. Technical Nuances

Rome was not built in a day. But it was crucial to building it right the first time.

From functionality and its aesthetic look to coding integrity and navigation, many technical nuances go in while creating a user-friendly website.

Have a look at a few technicalities a website imbibes.

  • a domain name that says it all
  • a hosting provider that can help you host websites with better servers, connectivity, and associated services
  • backend services that can take up the functional programs at the backend
  • a clean design with intuitive navigation to attract users
  • an effective color scheme that can evoke emotional responses as per your business

  • a perfect brand appearance that gels well with everything you do online
  • no broken links to annoy the users
  • no loading issues to irritate the customers
  • no security issues when the customer is sharing personal information
  • no confusing navigation with a dull appeal
  • no incorrect call to action buttons that can mislead the visitor
  • SEO friendly code to make your website rank higher and higher
  • compatible with multiple browsers, including older versions to give your visitors the freedom of choice to explore
  • integration with social media for better reach
  • website analytics to understand the traffic
  • website analytics to understand the traffic

Do you think while working on your DIY website, you will take care of all these aspects?

4. Responsive Design

Did you know that while 46.51% is from desktop, 50.48% of traffic is channeled via mobile?

Research states that 57% of the people would not commend a website if its mobile web development is poorly designed.

The visitors are as good as gone if they have to pinch and zoom on your website to view each specific detail. Nowadays, all the websites are designed to be responsive. That means they get adjusted to the pixels of the device from which they are viewed. It has become an integral part of any website development.

Later, you can even convert your website into a mobile app.

If your website is responsive, the aspect ratio is not given much importance. The user can read through and navigate the website without much scrolling and resizing. It, in turn, translates into a positive perception of your business.

5. Improve Branding, Marketing, and Visibility

88% of online buyers are less likely to go back to a site after a bad experience. It is difficult to stand out in today’s far-beyond-the-norm competitive advertising space.

Behind each move that any business makes online is a robust marketing strategy. The design of the website also comes under the umbrella of such a marketing tactic. An inconsistent identity can hurt your branding.

For example, before you even start your website, you need to understand the target audience, your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, and the competitors. Based on this data, you can decide on the logo design, theme, story, colors, brand language, and messaging to consistently use across the website and different social media channels.

After which you can come up with all the minuscule detailing that can help your website rank above your contenders’. The website designer will work by the sweat of his brow to make sure your brand is in the limelight forever. What else do you want?

6. SEO Optimized

SEO is a big ball game. It looks simple but each element will make you dive into it deeper and deeper. Right from highlighting your site to establishing a strong connection with the users and generating leads, a SEO optimized website will help you do it all.

If you are starting on a low budget, you wouldn’t have to spare money on ads. There is no point in having the website reach to customers who do not require your products.

A site that will have everything to optimize your space on the search engine will boost your authority, enhance, and focus on the user experience. You can also get mobile-first indexing and boost your ranking.

7. Competitiveness

There is no question about being not competitive. Your website definitely helps to strengthen the competitive advantage. You need a robust online presence to rank in today’s uber-competitive market.

The internet is a modest marketplace. There are several challenges that you have to surpass if you wish to stay in the game. But it will be the most potent sales funnel if done right.

8. Stability with Algorithm Updates of Search Engines

Change is the only constant about Google’s search engine algorithms. There were around 500 algorithm updates last year.

Each update affects the website and thus the organic traffic. You don’t know what these updates were until you have lost a substantial number of daily visitors.

Certain SEO practices that you may have used while creating your own website wouldn’t be powerful to weather these updates’ storms. Google Fred, Google Possum, Google RankBrain, Google Penguin, or Google Panda are just 5 of the thousand famous updates that took the online industry by storm. Those really shook up the SERPs.

There’s nothing scarier than changes in Google algorithm as those are all unanticipated updates. Usually, the professional website designers keep themselves updated with the latest changes. So, you are not smacked by their penalties. With them, you get expert’s advice as and when needed.


Each impression matters. Make it count.

There are no second chances with online branding. The website that you build for your business is a magnet of judgment to the company.

A great website can enhance the business’s online presence, increase the number of influencers, and generate leads. On the other hand, a bad website may ruin the company’s credibility.

Not only that, if the website does not have proper readable lines, there’s a good chance they will just leave and not pay any heed even when your product is worth their time.

A website professional development company will hit the bull’s eye to get you where you need to.

If you plan on doing everything by yourself, you will need to have a steep learning curve because, till you have passed the first lap, your competitors may have already acquired half of your market. You will then have hardly anything left for yourself.

Cutting through the hype is vital in any business, and the website maven will help you do it, the company that has been doing it day in and day out.

Hence, it is best to hire web development services and have them all up-to-date.

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